Salt Bricks


Enrich the interior of your home, we provide the highest quality salt walls made of pure Himalayan salt, containing all the minerals and elements necessary for human life.


Elegant and stylish look in any massage practice, wellness center, spa, resort, fitness center, luxury hotel, salt cave, sauna and any home space.

Easy to assemble

Our Himalayan salt wall panels are 100% adhesive-free, integrated with our proprietary and easy-to-install mounting system.

Choose your variant

> Brittle salt, 1-20 kg in size.
Smooth salt bricks 5x10x20 cm.
Salt bricks with one natural surface 4x10x20 cm.
On request, it is possible to prepare elements cut out of salt to size.
Profiles for the installation of salt bricks
White salts for filling floors. Grain size 1-5 mm.
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